Maka hana i ka ‘ike

One must work to know.

About Hālau Kū Māna:

HKM is an accredited public charter school. Under the oversight of the State of Hawaii Department of Education, the school educates using a project based model, allowing students to add the missing component of most standard styles of modern education: experience and practical application.

As most of the student body is of Hawaiian ancestry, there is a strong cultural foundation to the manāo being shared. The school operates under three principles:


Build grounding and foundation.

To foster a sense of esteem, stewardship, and kuleana to the ‘āina, our communities and ourselves, through grounding in ancestral knowledge and practices of Hawai’i and the academic skills necessary to excel in the 21st century.


Forge direction and connections.

To explore and inquire in ways that build upon our ancestral wisdom and bridge to other communities and cultures in a harmonious manner.


Provide sustenance and empowerment.

To provide sustenance and empowerment for ourselves and our communities by striving for high academic, cultural, social, environmental, and economic standards, thus nourishing all piko: cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical.