I ali'i no ke ali'i i ke kanaka

A chief is a chief because of the people who serve him

Papa Kū Māna

Hālau Kū Māna Board of Directors

Papa Kū Māna is the local school board. Its responsibility is to set the policy of the school and hire an Executive Director. The members are chosen from the community, educational professions, haumana (students),  makua (parents), faculty and staff. Members are selected on an annual basis before the start of each academic year. Papa Kū Māna performs the duties outlined in the Governance Section of the Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP).

To contact any member of the Governing Board, please call (808)945-1600 or email directors@halaukumana.org

 Last Name  First Name  Position Term


 Keoni Chair
Olds Janeen-Ann Vice-Chair
Freitas  Anela Treasurer
Shibata Michael Secretary
Apo Jocelyn Member
Nesmith  Keao  Member
Fisher Kela Member
Fiorella Ramsey  Member
Brandon Sondra  Member

Terms are not presently posted, as they are being reviewed by the Board for accuracy. Terms will be posted as soon as established. The suggestion has been tendered to post appointment dates so terms have meaning and relevance. Updates as they become available.


All School Events are being added to the online calendar at this time. Until they are available, you may download the 20-21 Calendar (PDF) here.

Papa Kū Māna


I maika‘i ke kalo i ka ‘ōhā.
"The goodness of the taro is judged by the young plant it produces."

The keiki who are fortunate enough to attend Hālau Kū Māna and graduate become part of something much greater than themselves. We are proud of the small part we play in creating agents of change for Hawai'iʻs future, and custodians of mai nā kūpuna mai.

We canʻt do this alone. Charter schools start the year with a fraction of the per-student funding that a traditional DOE institution does. There are a number of ways we compensate for this shortfall, but the single most important source of funding is you.

Click here to read Po'o Kumuʻs letter on this topic. More than ever we need the help of parents, neighbors, partners, and those who believe in this model.

You can donate using the button below or by viewing Poʻo Kumuʻs message.

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