I ali'i no ke ali'i i ke kanaka

A chief is a chief because of the people who serve him

Papa Kū Māna

Hālau Kū Māna Board of Directors

Papa Kū Māna is the local school board. Its responsibility is to set the policy of the school and hire an Executive Director. The members are chosen from the community, educational professions, haumana (students),  makua (parents), faculty and staff. Members are selected on an annual basis before the start of each academic year. Papa Kū Māna performs the duties outlined in the Governance Section of the Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP).

To contact any member of the Governing Board, please call (808)945-1600 or email directors@halaukumana.org

 Last Name  First Name  Position Term


 Keoni Chair  2yrs
 Kauai  Willy  Vice-­‐Chair  2 yrs
 Freitas  Elwin Treasurer  3yrs
 Freitas  Konia  Secretary  3yrs
 Chan  Keola  Member  3yrs
NeSmith  Keao  Member  3yrs
 Orr  Corlyn  Member  1 yr
 deFries  Tamar  Member  1 yr
 Noa  Kanakolu  Member  3yr
 Galicinao  Phil  Member  3yr
 Winchester  Imai  Member  2 yrs