Papa Waʻa Huakaʻi Makana

Donate to your (Papa Waʻa a) studentʻs annual Huakaʻi!q



Mahalo for your willingness to help your keiki and their class to make this huakaʻi possible. These trips are the culmination of the year for your haumana. Throughout the instructional term and through the weekly projects, all roads lead to this event. It is the high point of the year, where memories are made and character is built. Many graduates can point to a specific huakaʻi as the point in their educational career where everything came together for them, making them the young men and women and "agents of change" they have become.

You may contribute to either an individual studentʻs trip or to offset the cost for the class as a whole. Enter your donation amount in the field provided. Add to cart, then review the cart. When you get to the Checkout page, you can enter the name of the student you are supporting. If you leave the student name blank, your gift will be applied to the class as a whole.  You will not see the student name field until the last part of the process (the checkout page).

Mahalo again for your kokua, and thank you for helping us to build the next generation of great Hawaiians!


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