Aloha e ka ʻohana Hālau Kū Māna,

In follow up to conversations at Lā ʻOhana, here is an easy and very low-cost afterschool child care/student-enrichment opportunity offered by the Boys & Girls Club.

If a minimum of 7 HKM ʻohana submit an application by next Monday, August 28, 2017, HKM will provide an after school shuttle to the Boys & Girls Club, where you can pick up your keiki/ʻōpio anytime before 7 pm.

The cost is nominal – $10/year for high school haumāna, $25/year for elementary and middle school haumāna. An ID card required to enter the clubhouse is $5.

The Boys & Girls Club of Honolulu is located at the Charles C Spalding Clubhouse 1704 Waiola St., less than 5 minutes from HKM’s campus (adjacent to Washington Middle School). They’re open from after school – 7 pm on school days, with Saturday and intersession options as well.

Haumāna from grades K-12 have access to a wide variety of enrichment opportunities that are not feasible to provide at a small, underfunded charter school. Every hour, youth can choose from a number of activities that fall into the following 5 areas:

  • Character & Leadership Development
  • Education & Career Development
  • Health & Life Skills
  • Arts & Culture
  • Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Examples include basketball, volleyball, yoga, board games, computers, cooking, and more. There is also a game room (pool and ping pong, etc) and time for homework during the 1st hour. These specific offerings may be an opportunity worth considering, even for older students, or ʻohana who donʻt need after school care on a regular basis.

The application can be downloaded from this page:

Hard copies of the application can be sent home with opio upon request. Submit requests to

If you already signed up expressing interest in this option at the 8/12 La ‘Ohana, we will send a hard copy application home with your keiki/ʻōpio. For questions related to their afterschool program, you may call the Boys & Girls Club of Honolulu at 942-5111.

If at least 7 applications are submitted by next Monday, August 28, after school shuttle service to the Boys & Girls club will begin on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.  Hālau Kū Māna is involved only in providing shuttle service from HKM to the Boys & Girls Club if there is enough participation from HKM.  Hālau Kū Māna is not involved in the programs.  For information concerning the programs, please contact the Boys & Girls Club.